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What the Hell?


Okay… this one is kinda a rant, kinda a ponderance.  (Which isn’t a word, apparently, but it should be.)

Look, I know I am a different kind of person. Some people are sweet. Some people are bubbly. Some people are giddy, aggravating, annoying etc.

Me… I don’t know how some people would categorize me… But if you asked me, I could tell you.  I am a person who is particular about things getting done well, and right. There is no point in doing something if you have no pride in it. I am a people person and can be extremely happy and helpful to you, if you are on my good side.

If you manage to get on my bad side… you might as well not exist.

How do you get on my bad side?

Well… it happens really fast. And, when it happens, its within minutes of me meeting you. I am not prejudge-mental.  Its your actions to me, that 9 times out of 10, set my mind and attitude about you.  Once that attitude is set, it will take a LOT of  work ON YOUR PART to change my mind.

Now, today, I went to work, and I was training in a new area. I was learning how to do the signage at the store. Now, Signage is something I know how to do. Store signage is not hard. And at my work place, its easier then another store I used to work at. Since I have worked here 2 months now, and know how to read the labels, and the tags, and the signs, training was rather easy.


The “leader” of the signage team… he decided to see how I was doing after I had been working about 3 hours.

He did not like how I was doing things.

I liked this guy.

Until this point.

At this point he gave me directions that we ridiculously stupid and TOTALLY wrong, and now, listening to his directions, I understand how so much is tagged incorrectly in the store.

His directions were, and NO, I am NOT kidding:

Him: “What numbers are you looking at to know if its the right spot?”

Me: “I look at all of them.”

Him: “Well, that takes to long.”

Me: “Am I doing it wrong?”

Him: “Yeah. Dont read the tags, all you want to do is match up the location it says, and put the tag where he says. You dont have time to match the items to the tag.”

So, in other words,  put the sale tag where ever it says, and if the tag says “Lawnchair” and the location is selling pillows, it doesnt matter. Its where the tag belongs.

So… Even though I KNEW it was wrong, I did my next set of tags HIS WAY, and another sign person saw me and asked me what I was doing.

I told her, and she thought I had to be wrong and not heard what he said. So she asked him. He told her exactly what I said. That he told me to do it as location, not item. AND THEN he said, “Well, just show her how you do it. You do it more often then I do.”


How does she do it? Like I was doing it. Matching the item code to the item code on the tag.

Stupid stupid stupid man. I swear… If I swore on my blog, it would be flaming hot right now.


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This is a letter I wrote to Walmart.

I have decided that even if they are more expensive in some things, I would much much much rather deal with the smaller grocery or local stores or shops, then deal with Ego-mart.  Please join me in boycotting their… obnoxious business.

Dear People of Walmart,

First let me say, I am horribly and completely disgusted with your stores. “You can never have too much” you seem to think, well let me correct your thinking. When you have a store that is too large to satisfy the needs of your customers,you have FAILED. When your store is too “cluttered” and you decide to get rid of way too much items that your customers WANT, and fill your shelves with your cheap ass crappy labeled “private stock” aka Walmart brand, you FAIL. NO ONE wants to open their refrigerator and/or pantry and see it filled with item after item with the same damn labels. When you cannot figure out the difference between butter, margarine, and whipped cream, you have FAILED.

When you have a fleet of employees, and NONE do their job, or want to help your customers, you FAIL. When you have a national commercial and it airs weekly, advertising a “rollback” on prices, and your customers go to buy the item, and instead they are charged not the $1 as advertised, but $1.88 plus tax, YOU FAILED.

I went shopping today, bought 10 items, can’t find 1 item I wanted, cause, well… you considered it clutter, and 2 items were rung up higher then they were listed for, YOU FAIL!!!!

I am so disgusted with your stores that unless I need something at 3am in the frickin morning, or my check cashed, I am NOT coming to your store. Why should I? You treat everyone like crap, or cattle. And, I for one (and I am NOT ALONE) am fed up with it!

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New Category

I have added a new category.

Yes, I have a really good reason to have added a new category. Well, ok. Two reasons.

1.) It’s that time of month.

2.) I needed someplace to put all the crap… and, in rodeos, there is a LOT of crap… mostly from bulls. Get the picture?

So, what goes in this category?

Well, you know that rule about no swearing and keeping things clean?

Well, everyone has a junk drawer that they hide all their crap in, so that is what is going in here.

You have been warned.

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