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[teruh-riz-uh m]
1. The use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce, especially for political purposes.
2. The state of fear and submission produced by terrorism or terrorization.
3. A terroristic method of governing or of resisting a government.
People who are terrorist are the ones who want you to be afraid.
They want to make you afraid to go out to eat.
They want to make you afraid to go out to a concert.
They want to make you afraid to go to school.
They want to make you afraid of religions.
They want to make you afraid to trust anyone.
They want to make you afraid to travel.
They want to make you afraid to go to work.
They want to make you afraid.
Don’t be afraid.
Don’t let them win.
Fight back.
Don’t give in.
Prove to them you are strong and alive.
Go shopping. Run in a marathon. Go to work. Go to school. Go to the movies. Go to a concert. Travel. Live. Love. Laugh.
You can do it.
I have faith in you.

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Attention George Lucas!

Look man, SHUT. UP.

You SOLD OUT to Disney.

You did this and we decried it. We knew when you did that that Disney was going to flood the market with Star Wars crap until we see so much of it we will never want to hear the two words together again. You, who barely released ANYTHING SW related so that when you did, we fans climbed over backwards and crawled through fire to get ANYTHING related to that universe, created that. Disney does that. It’s a proven fact. For example,Hannah Montana, Frozen, Star Wars. (Yes, it’s already a flooded market and even I am tired of seeing it everywhere.)

You can’t cry about Disney not taking your direction on THEIR films. If YOU wanted it done a certain way, YOU SHOULD HAVE DONE IT!

You can’t whine because the fans didn’t like the Prequels. You broke your own rule on them (and on parts 4, 5 and 6 when you “tweaked them”). What rule? The one about films needing awesome sets/backgrounds, but that they aren’t the story rule.

You can’t whimper and cry like a bitch because you sat on your midi-chlorian a$$ and continue finishing the great story in 38 years! Anne McCaffrey managed to write and co-write, 22 novels in her Pern series in 44 years! If you can’t do the math, that’s more then 6. (Yes, I know you DID do other projects, but so did she. But, since you mention it, her collected works near a total of 100 in 46 years. Which is still more then you.)

So, from a person who has loved the legend of Star Wars before you Sithed it, SHUT UP!

Now, move along. These aren’t the fans you were looking for.


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Greetings fans of the movie industry! (And everyone else.)

Today’s rant is on the stupidity that is Hollywood.

The last two days I have been reading about how “Jack the Giant Slayer” has failed at the box-office. It made in it’s Domestic Release $28 million. Which, apparently now is considered a failure, but in the past, if a movie made $10 million on it’s opening weekend it was considered a success. But, then again, it cost a estimated $200 million to produce.

Before I go further, I want to state clearly that though it “flopped” it’s opening weekend, it WAS the #1 film of the weekend. Second place went to Identity Theft which is on it’s fourth week, and this week it made $9.7 million for a total of $107.4 million.

Now… Back to my thoughts.

Look, here it is, plain and simple:

The movie industry employees a frickin TON of skilled workers, carpenters, electricians, cooks, various staff for cleaning, primping, security etc, not to mention Directors, Writers, Producers, Movie Stars, etc. All of these people need money just like the rest of us, and they need to work to get that money, just like the rest of us.

That said, our economy sucks like a vacuum.

The movie people (the higher ups making the calls) need to take into consideration that a family of four cannot afford to take the kids to see a movie in the movie theater. $9 for ticket, $3 for 3D glasses (which they want returned but don’t want to give you a refund on), $4 for a drink, $8 for popcorn… For one person that is a total of $24. Multiple that times 4 and for a night out for a family of four (not including the gas money to get to the theater) and you are spending $96.

People can’t afford to go to the movies like they used to, but that isn’t stopping Hollywood for churning out film after film.

Hollywood, you need to pull a cue card from the past.

  • Don’t release a ton of new films every week.
  • Let some films sit in the theater for a few weeks to gain watchers.
  • Don’t spend hundreds of millions of dollars on a ton of films.
  • Encourage movie theaters to offer “loyalty programs” such as, “Watch 6 movies this year, and come see one for free.”
  • Reduce children’s tickets to a MUCH LOWER price. (In some theaters, kids over the age of 2 are almost full price.)

So, there you go. My thoughts.

Also.. on a side note… No. I am not going to mention ANYTHING about my fears of Disney and their ownership of Star Wars, and how badly Disney is failing repeatedly on films lately. Nope. Not going to mention it at all.

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Digital Perfection

So… I log onto the internet, and read the few news articles I see, some interesting, some not… But, on a daily account, I almost always see some story about some actor/model that was used in a ad for some product/film, and their image was photoshopped.

Now, first, let me say I am a fan of ARTISTIC PHOTOMANIPULATION.  It’s what I do. (This is Prince. He is a photomanipulated piece that I did for a friend. Before and After.)

Original photo of Prince.


Now… If you are going to hire a model/actor for a photo shoot, you are hiring that person not only for their looks, but their name and media power. Therefore, I am quite confused as to why people are photoshopping the images. Okay, I do understand that “such-and-such was used in the shoot, and it was green, but that item wasn’t able to be massed produced, so we went with a different color and changed it from green to burgundy” excuse. Sure. I’ve been there, I understand.

But, seriously? Below you will see a few photo shop “changes” and yes, your eyebrows will rise to the event.

jl-dior Jennifer-Lawrence-5

Jennifer Lawrence. I am not a fan of hers… But in the Dior Ads, she seems to have lost weight and had her moles removed…

Model Filippa Hamilton

395x421xscreen-shot-2010-10-11-at-22-16-55.png.pagespeed.ic.Rok73j8AUH 597x406xscreen-shot-2010-10-12-at-00-21-43.png.pagespeed.ic.AdFn1rF6-9 505x341xscreen-shot-2010-10-11-at-22-20-47.png.pagespeed.ic.FsCaDOSKs- 586x337xscreen-shot-2010-10-11-at-22-32-07.png.pagespeed.ic.zbCFz213Os 316x411xscreen-shot-2010-10-11-at-14-17-44.png.pagespeed.ic.7j7yBPBO3V 521x453xscreen-shot-2010-10-11-at-22-18-12.png.pagespeed.ic.jQU-hRRMnL 472x378xscreen-shot-2010-10-11-at-14-12-46.png.pagespeed.ic.3G3MVHvfqO 563x306xscreen-shot-2010-10-11-at-13-33-14.png.pagespeed.ic.3MOWapVbK8 587x401xscreen-shot-2010-10-12-at-00-22-20.png.pagespeed.ic.ioAOo2yKws madonna 443x312xscreen-shot-2010-10-11-at-22-26-56.png.pagespeed.ic.EeZcMKbUE-

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Taking Chance

So, a few weeks ago, I was going through Netflix™ and came across a movie. Now, I know the old saying, “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover”… But, I do… well, I mostly do. Here is this movie, called “Taking Chance”, and it stars Kevin Bacon as a Marine. I was intrigued, cause I dont remember this movie being released to theaters. So, I check more into it, and found out that it is based on a travel journal written by another Marine, a Marine Lieutenant Colonel Strobl (ret.)

Apparently, this journal somehow got on the web, and some one (or some ones) found it, and had to make it into a movie. Here is the link to the journal/blog entry. BE WARNED: NO ONE can read this without crying. Yes, I mean NO ONE. http://www.blackfive.net/main/2004/04/taking_chance.html

I dont want to spoil the film too much, but it is about Lieutenant Colonel Strobl escorting Lance Corporal Chance Phelps home. When you have finished watching the movie, check out the extras on the DVD, its worth the extra time as well.

The movie, is well done. And, Kevin Bacon deserves a hell of a lot more credit then he got on this. It is somber, dignified, heart aching, and, the film has very little dialogue. Do not let that stop you from seeing it.

Netflix™ link for “Taking Chance”: http://www.netflix.com/Movie/Taking_Chance/70107989?trkid=226870

Kevin Bacon was asked about the movie, and he said, “The story is really a very, very simple one. It’s really just the story of this man (Strobl) and this person (Chance) he’s returning. And it’s almost completely unembellished with anything to make it more cinematic or dramatic or to somehow force us to feel one way or another based on what our preconceived notions are about Iraq and whether or not we should have been in there or whatever. It’s just the simple telling of what this process is like and, in its simplicity, I think, becomes an extremely profound kind of comment on the casualties of war.”

Memorial day is coming up. I HIGHLY recommend this film. You will not regret it. But, be sure you have tissues handy.

Also, there is a foundation set up in Lance Corporal Chance Phelps’ name: http://www.chancephelps.org/

To the military, I want to say thank you. I appreciate all you are doing. May your journey be smooth and your return home a safe one. Thank You.

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