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[teruh-riz-uh m]
1. The use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce, especially for political purposes.
2. The state of fear and submission produced by terrorism or terrorization.
3. A terroristic method of governing or of resisting a government.
People who are terrorist are the ones who want you to be afraid.
They want to make you afraid to go out to eat.
They want to make you afraid to go out to a concert.
They want to make you afraid to go to school.
They want to make you afraid of religions.
They want to make you afraid to trust anyone.
They want to make you afraid to travel.
They want to make you afraid to go to work.
They want to make you afraid.
Don’t be afraid.
Don’t let them win.
Fight back.
Don’t give in.
Prove to them you are strong and alive.
Go shopping. Run in a marathon. Go to work. Go to school. Go to the movies. Go to a concert. Travel. Live. Love. Laugh.
You can do it.
I have faith in you.

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Any of various small, mouse-like rodents of the genera Lemmus, Myopus,  and Dicrostonyx,  of far northern regions, as L. lemmus,  of Norway, Sweden, etc., noted for periodic mass migrations that sometimes result in mass drownings.

So, Patrick Stump was recently in the news for his blog post. In it he was commenting on the issue that “everyone hates Nickelback”. (The Rock band, not the refund.)

This is, amazingly enough, not news to me.

Oh, don’t get me wrong!

I like Nickelback.

No, I really do.


Now, you have to ask yourself, “Why the hell does she like Nickelback?”

That is actually a easy question to answer.

For a moment, I won’t say “Cause their music rocks!” Nope. Not saying that just yet. Hear the other reasons first:

  1. Chad Kroeger is frickin hot.
  2. Ryan Peake is frickin hot.
  3. Mike Kroeger is frickin hot
  4. Daniel Adair ((**sigh** The Drummer)) is frickin hot!
  5. Their songs are good.
  6. They have songs that are Metal, Rock or Light Rock.
  7. They know their listeners and know what they want.
  8. They don’t compromise on their style.
  9. Their style of music is what Rock used to be, before Grunge.
  10. Rock used to be about sex, drugs and having fun, themes they stick to and reap the benefits from.

Ten reasons good enough for you?

So, why don’t people like their music? Well, a percentage of them say it’s cause the themes of their music are based on strippers, sex, prostitutes, drugs, sex, drinking and sex. (See reason 10.)
Another reason could be that their music is neither rap, pop nor techno. Kind of a good thing, but since most people today fall into the category of lemmings and not individual people with the ability to enjoy what they like or experiment on what is out there. In today’s world, everyone thinks they can rap and make a living out of it. (You can’t and few do.) Techno is just “thump thump thump thump” of recorded music that breeds migraines. Pop is… Pop is the kind of music you like cause your friends like it, and the radio stations repeat their library of Pop every 70 minutes so, you eventually think you like the music cause you know all the words.
Why do people hate them?
Because the haters refuse to try to think for themselves.
The people that don’t hate, but also don’t like Nickelback… They have their own reasons.
To you, the intelligent reader (I know you are intelligent, cause you read my ramblings…) I say, “Never dislike something until you’ve tried it. Then you can use your own mind to determine if you like it, or if you are a lemming. If you are a lemming, please remove yourself from my followers list.”

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Digital Perfection

So… I log onto the internet, and read the few news articles I see, some interesting, some not… But, on a daily account, I almost always see some story about some actor/model that was used in a ad for some product/film, and their image was photoshopped.

Now, first, let me say I am a fan of ARTISTIC PHOTOMANIPULATION.  It’s what I do. (This is Prince. He is a photomanipulated piece that I did for a friend. Before and After.)

Original photo of Prince.


Now… If you are going to hire a model/actor for a photo shoot, you are hiring that person not only for their looks, but their name and media power. Therefore, I am quite confused as to why people are photoshopping the images. Okay, I do understand that “such-and-such was used in the shoot, and it was green, but that item wasn’t able to be massed produced, so we went with a different color and changed it from green to burgundy” excuse. Sure. I’ve been there, I understand.

But, seriously? Below you will see a few photo shop “changes” and yes, your eyebrows will rise to the event.

jl-dior Jennifer-Lawrence-5

Jennifer Lawrence. I am not a fan of hers… But in the Dior Ads, she seems to have lost weight and had her moles removed…

Model Filippa Hamilton

395x421xscreen-shot-2010-10-11-at-22-16-55.png.pagespeed.ic.Rok73j8AUH 597x406xscreen-shot-2010-10-12-at-00-21-43.png.pagespeed.ic.AdFn1rF6-9 505x341xscreen-shot-2010-10-11-at-22-20-47.png.pagespeed.ic.FsCaDOSKs- 586x337xscreen-shot-2010-10-11-at-22-32-07.png.pagespeed.ic.zbCFz213Os 316x411xscreen-shot-2010-10-11-at-14-17-44.png.pagespeed.ic.7j7yBPBO3V 521x453xscreen-shot-2010-10-11-at-22-18-12.png.pagespeed.ic.jQU-hRRMnL 472x378xscreen-shot-2010-10-11-at-14-12-46.png.pagespeed.ic.3G3MVHvfqO 563x306xscreen-shot-2010-10-11-at-13-33-14.png.pagespeed.ic.3MOWapVbK8 587x401xscreen-shot-2010-10-12-at-00-22-20.png.pagespeed.ic.ioAOo2yKws madonna 443x312xscreen-shot-2010-10-11-at-22-26-56.png.pagespeed.ic.EeZcMKbUE-

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Oh my god. I am so frickin worn out and tired!

To all my friends, fans and family; I am soooo sorry to have not wished any of you a Happy Thanksgiving. Yes, you were in my thoughts… somewhere… buried deeply… I blame… the retail industry, lol! As I am currently working in retail (again) as you know, Black Friday is the beginning of the end of the social life. And sleep.

Actually… I think I miss sleep more then I miss some of you.

A lot more.


Sorry… nodded off there for a second… What was I saying? Oh, yes. I miss you. And happy holidays (past and future, cause I will forget again. Bet money on that one. If you have any left.

So… how about a update? I know you have been sitting on pins and needles anxious to know about the recent happenings.

1.) Finally got my first cavity. Technically not my fault. I blame the water system. I am currently in a “country setting” that uses spring water, so no city chemicals, like chlorine or fluoride. I miss fluoride. And now… I have a hole in my mouth. Its not visible really… but to get the root canal would have been $750 and no way in hell I am paying that. Ever. **Update… Make that TWO cavities. Just had a cleaning and they found another one. 😦 Filling it in next week. Cant get it pulled, if it weren’t covered by my insurance. Its right up front. They say they can match my tooth color, so here’s crossing my fingers and praying.**

2.) I have lost track of time and days. Working overnights, and then going in at 3am, or 4am, or now it will be 2am… The alarm clock goes off, and I sit up and stare at it and think, “now why is it making that noise?”

3.) Star Wars: The Old Republic©®™. ***drool*** THIS is what I want for Christmas. I am currently a beta tester and LOVING IT! I have been given permission to talk about it, show screen shots… but… no… lol! I love it and its hard to explain why but it is a HELL OF A LOT OF FUN! I currently have tried Jedi, Smuggler, and Sith. Its really fun. I am accepting the pre-purchase game, or game time cards… feel free to spend freely on me. You know I will appreciate it, and I may end up remembering to say something to you at the holiday.

4.) AT&T… Took them 3 months, 4 modems, 2 routers, 2 on-site technicians, and about 82 phone calls until they were able to actually FIX my issues with them. FYI…. They have the crappiest Muzak™ on their phone system EVER! **Update… Ok, not quite fixed yet. They sent out yet ANOTHER technician, and he thinks its actually a wiring problem… Having been short on cash, my roommate had had the “wire-care” insurance taken off last year… And now we need it. We have re-ordered it, and next month we can call on it to cover repairs…. which we need… so, 30 days and counting before my internet is up and running like it should be…. which means…  I wont be needing to get Star Wars: The Old Republic™© too soon. I was going to download it, and pre-order it… but I would rather have a hard copy in my hands.**

I think I have more to say on this…. but I am to tired to remember… so, until later, keep the music rockin’, and enjoy the season. Check out Trans-Siberian Orchestra™ (Live if you can), best holiday music ever.

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Friends are VERY dear to me.

I can never say that enough.

But, sometimes… Sometimes… people do something that just.. makes me so damn mad!

There is this guy… He is a really nice guy. He has a ton of friends and fans, and people that like him. He also has a bunch of nay-sayers. This is one of those guys who will do absolutely anything for you if he finds out you need help. He doesnt ask why, when or where, he just goes and does.

So, this guy ends up… in a not good position. And, 90% of the people that know him, are worried, call, write, tweet, send him wishes, ask about him… And then…. Then there are some guys… that I know… that say things about this guy all in the good, when everything is fine about this fellow… but, have gone dead silent now. Not a post, not a blog, not a tweet, no email… No public good wishes… Not a single one. Not on ANY of their websites. For all this guy has done for these “friends”…

This has made me NOT HAPPY.

This is, out of character for these guys… but, as the time has gone on longer and longer… and they have remained more and more silent…. it makes me more and more angry.

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The Year 2004 part 1

2004 A Year that began so much

The year truly didn’t begin for me in 2004, it actually was in October, 2003. A band that I knew was going to be playing in a northern town in Ohio. I journeyed 4 hours to go see them, and to hang out with them.
The show began late, and it was a great show, and it finished well. After the show, we hung out in the lobby of the venue, they talking to their fans, and joking with the venue owner, and tasting some Sangria. Soon the band packed their van up, and, as all bands are (at nearly all times) the guys were hungry. So we all left the venue in search of food.

Now, we were in a small town, and very little is open at 3am. So, I encouraged the guys to trust in the food of… Waffle House.

Don’t groan.

I still have faith in the food from their. Good food, great prices, and a lot of food. And, if anything else, you can make fun of yourself for going.

So, we sat at three tables. The guys, myself, their swag boy (swag is the promotional stuff they sell, posters, shirts, stickers, etc.) their manager, and the venue manager at two tables, and at the other, passed out for the moment, a few groupies.

We ate, and laughed and enjoyed wonderful jokes and tales. And the guys were… like so many guys. They laughed and told jokes, but, oh no, they could not tell different jokes, they each had to tell the same joke with their own twist on it.

Soon it was way too late for anything else, so we staggered off to the motel. The groupies following behind. And a few hours rest soon followed.

The next day, the boys headed back off for their home, and I headed to mine.

January, 2004

I found out that the band would be traveling to Cleveland, Ohio for a concert, and it would be a three-play. Two other bands would be joining them. A plan was spoken of, and was soon put into motion.

A friend of mine and I would orchestrate a get together of all our fans/friends that we made with others from the bands’ websites and forums. We would host a pre-show dinner, and a post-show party.

I packed a bag, and com February, 2004, the show was ready to go.

I had some friends travel from North Carolina and stay with me the day before the show, and a friend from my neighborhood came over and we all got along and hung out. The next day, the 4 of us traveled North to Cleveland, to go to the show.

We arrived in Cleveland and met at the Hard Rock, and met up with so many new friends. (Most didn’t know, that at that “dinner” that the band members would be joining us and of how happy and excited they were when they saw them arrive.)

The guys came, noshed (Yiddish for snacked), hung out, took photos, and then left to get ready for the gig.

We soon went over to the House of Blues, and enjoyed a great show. The “Opening Act” was a surprise to most and I have heard constantly how much so many enjoyed them. (But as it happens so often in the business, the band has since broke up. Twice. But I still have a few of their songs and continue to promote them if I can. They had a winning combination there…. and the music rocked….)

The second band was a “jazz trio” but a jazz with a metal twist. Lead by a veteran of the industry, this was a amazing show. And how a guitar was made to make such wondrous sounds… Many were in awe.

The third band, was of course, the cherry on the top. “Pretty boys” playing new tunes that have a flavor of the classic rock of the 80’s. Fan favorites cause they are friendly, energetic and cute.

After the show, we all headed across the street to the hotel where a few rooms were reserved for our “after party”. And boy oh boy. Can I just say that at this point I was very very drunk. My drink of choice is Jagerbombs. And I will drink them until I am very drunk, and then I drink the Jager straight. I was drinking double shots of the Jager before we left the House of Blues.

So, we headed across to the hotel and the party continued. The bands came by, enjoyed some more friendly banter, and, as is my trademark, I served up ice cream. We partied well, and then rested. Heading home the next morning.

The next morning, we packed up, and traveled South. We arrived at my house, and my friends from North Carolina stayed another night and then they too headed home, and I found myself alone again in my new house.

A night or two later, I had a medical episode. It struck in the middle of the night, and when I awoke, I could not think correctly, and I could not move my hands or arms correctly. It was a Saturday morning, but I thought it was a weekday. I thought I had overslept, and I was  stumbling all over the house, trying to get dressed and get my shoes on so I could go to work.

I was so out of my mind, I couldn’t get my shoes on, nor find my car keys. (Probably a good thing…) And finally I decided I would have to surrender to what was happening and call in sick. Well… My boss was… laughing at me. Asking what I was talking about. (Of course she knew it was Saturday.) She had another co-worker call 911 for me and then hung up. It was after that that I stumbled and fell down the stairs in my home, and sat there, at the bottom, waiting for the ambulance.

What happened next is not completely clear.

I know that the ambulance arrived, and the guys came into my house and asked me if I wanted to go to the hospital. (Well, duh! I am not doing right and I just fell down a flight of stairs.) I dont remember the ride to the hospital, and I dont remember being there. I am not even sure how long I was there. My next memory was being driven back home by my friend, who was yelling at me and crying at me that she doesn’t know what is going on in my life, nor what I am thinking. I remember nodding at er, but thinking I just wanted her to shut up.

She dropped me off at my house, made sure I got into bed and then left me there.

I awoke a few hours (I think) later. Or, maybe it was the next day.

I walked into my den, and saw, there, on the floor, my bag I had packed for that night in Cleveland. It laid open slightly, and a few items were still inside. Looking at that bag, I had a epiphany.

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Here I am, waiting for sleep to be ready to drag me to bed, and I was watching the movie Almost Famous© and, I had to check out Cameron Crowe and his old Rolling Stone™ Articles. (http://www.cameroncrowe.com/journalism/index.html) I grinned…

It was the article “The Backstage Pass It doesn’t necessarily mean you’re with the band. Courtesy of Rolling Stone #922 – Cameron Crowe – May 15, 2003″ that REALLY made me grin.

It reminds me of one moment a few years ago… 2005, in Cleveland, Ohio. The event was Bold Words, Bloody Knuckles. A few guys I knew were in a band and playing up there, so, I went to go see. I met a few friends up there and had a blast… Here is how one part went:

My friend Kat and I arrived at the venue. Imagine a rock club, typical really, brick building outside, black walls slathered with rock posters and beer posters. A main room 1/3 filled, and a separate swag room, completely filled with fans. (Swag, by the way, is promoting materials. CD’s, T-shirts, stickers, etc.)

So, Kat and I went there first, where another guy we know is selling the band’s gear. ((Waves at Igor!)) So you know, There are three kinds of “fans” when it comes to music. The first is the widely known “Groupie”. A Groupie is a fan who wants to have sex with everyone. Well… I think they want to… The second is the “Fan”. A Fan is one who likes the music, buys the music, drools for a autograph, and once the band has left the building, well… they go on with their life. The third is the hardest understood…. MANY try for this one… few succeed. That one is “Friend” of the band. The Friend is the one that will help support, and cheer on the guys on the stage, but wont let them do anything for the friend. SOME however have a deviousness about them, which is why there are few TRUE friends of the band. You aren’t one, if they give you free tickets. if you ask them for anything. If you call them, and they dont call you. I, am a friend. Kat is too. But, lol, she is one with a body that rocks. Me… not so much.

Anyways, Kat has known the guys longer then I have, and she has a sense of humor a touch more wickeder then mine. Which can be dangerous… And she is fun as hell!

So… back to the music…. We were in the crowded Swag Room, and Kat, being who she is, got a thousand looks from the guys. And there were lots of guys there! It WAS a Metal Bash! Suddenly this kid walks up to her wearing a Backstage Pass on a Jagermeister lanyard. (Man I still want one!) He looks at Kat with a lust in his eyes, raises the Pass and says, “Want to go backstage?” She looks at me and then at him, and opened her eyes wide in naivety and says, “Can I? Can I really?” and he said with a  grin, “Sure! I have a Backstage Pass.” So off they went.

Now, I did not go with them at the time, but oh how I know what happened next!

Now… normally I wont say real names in my stories unless given permission, but this time I will. (Guys, if you are reading this and want it removed, let me know.)

So, Kat and this guy go back stage and she says to him, “Can I meet Jeff Plate?” and the kid says, “Yeah. You can meet him.” So they go up there, and she sees Jeff talking to someone, and she walks up to him, hand outstretched and grinning and says, “Mr…. Mr. Plate! I wanna have your baby!” Jeff takes her hand, and as he is shaking it, looks over her shoulder at the kid, whose jaw has dropped to the floor, and whispers to her, “You just did that to &%$#@! with his mind, didnt you?” She nodded grinning, and he said, “Cool!” Then Kat and the kid came back.

Now, knowing how guys are, he has to try to save face. So, he looks at me, and says, “Want to go back stage?” I looked at him and said, “Why?” You should have seen his face! It like… well… Its like asking someone if they want $20 million, and someone says, “Why?” It just doesnt happen. Unless you are me.

“So you can go and meet the bands…”

“I know the bands. I dont need to meet them.”

“But… But… I have a Back Stage Pass!” Then he walked away.

Poor kid.

I still want the lanyard.

By the way… I only ever went backstage once, and the reason was cause my friend Dave was late talking to me, so I had to go back with him so he could dress while we talked before getting on a bus heading out to the next show.

Back Stage is… sanctuary. It is the place where they go, to familiarize themselves with a part of the venue, calm down, psyche up, and relax. Gather thoughts and nerves. And, its just one of those places, that as a friend, I let them have. Too many people want to be there. I dont need to be.

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