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So, the Crossfire Series is going to be a TV produced by Lionsgate. No idea who the ACTUAL stars maybe, but here is a “PROPOSED DREAM LINEUP from IMDB”. Again, let me be clear, this is a PROPOSED lineup. (And my sarcastic comments…)

Below is the list of the actors rooted for the supporting roles in the upcoming television show.
1. Liam Hemsworth (“The Hunger Games”) as Cary Taylor, Eva’s bisexual model best friend and room mate

** Liam = yummy! Liam in a menage a quatre… umm…**

2. Jessica Alba (“Sin City”) as Magdalene Perez, Gideon’s best friend and date before he met Eva, in love with Cross but never had a sexual relationship with the businessman.

** Jessica as someone who never was able to get Gideon’s attention? Really?? **

3. Megan Fox (“Transformers”) as Corinne Giroux, Gideon’s ex-fiancé, who is still in love with him

**Yeah, I can see this. **

4. Adam Levine (Maroon 5 frontman) as Brett Kline, Eva’s rock star ex-boyfriend

**Any guitar player will fit in here…**

5. Leslie Mann (“Knocked Up”) as Monica Tramell Stanton, Eva’s mother

** Don’t know her. Is she a good whiner? **

6. Joe Manganiello (“Spider-Man”) as Victor Reyes, Eva’s father

** I always pictured Tom Skerritt even though he’s too old for the role. Don’t know why.**

7. Ted Danson (“Saving Private Ryan”) as Richard Stanton, Eva’s rich step-father

** Good to know that he’s only recognized by “Saving Private Ryan”…**

8. Chace Crawford (“Gossip Girl”) as Christopher Vidal Jr., Gideon’s half-brother

** Don’t know him. Will he play a good piece of $h!t? **

9. Courtney Cox (“The One Where Monica Gets a Roommate” ) or Mary Page Keller (“Beginners”) as Elizabeth Vidal, Gideon’s mother

** I never saw Courtney Cox as a selfish bitch… hmmm… **

10. India Eisley (“Underworld: Awakening”) as Ireland Vidal, Gideon’s adorable half-sister

** India playing Ireland… isn’t that a Football match? **

11. Hector Elizondo (“The Princess Diaries”) as Christopher Vidal Sr., Gideon’s step-father

** Hmmm… **

12. John Slattery (“Smoke Gets in Your Eyes”) as Dr. Terrence “Terry” Lucas, Pediatrician who hates Gideon

** Shrugs.**

13. Carrie Preston (“Strange Love”) as Anne Lucas, Dr. Lucas’ wife

** Shrugs. **

14. Michael Ealy (“Seven Pounds”) Mark Garrity, Junior account executive and Eva’s boss at advertising agency

** Cool enough.**

15. Rachel Hurd-Wood (“Peter Pan”) as Shawna, Mark’s sister-in-law

** Hurd-Wood… in a Crossfire show? Really? **

16. Kelsey Grammer (“Toy Story 2”) as Dr. Petersen, Monica’s psychiatrist and Eva and Gideon’s couple therapist

** Type-casting… seriously? I mean, it works, but maybe the guy doesn’t want to play every shrink ever cast. **

17. Jared Padalecki (“Supernatural”) as Nathan Barker, Eva’s former step-brother

** No. Just No. NO. Iam Somerhalder, sure. Cast a bad guy to play a bad guy. **

18. Luke Macfarlane (“Kinsey”) as Trey, Cary’s friend and lover

** Shrugs. **

19. Shemar Moore (“Diary of a Mad Black Woman”) as Parker Smith, owner of Krav Maga training center and Eva’s trainer

** That works. Or, how about The Rock? I mean, Dwayne Johnson? **

20. Raoul Bova (“AVP: Alien vs. Predator”) as Arnoldo Ricci, restaurant owner and Gideon’s best friend

** Shrugs. **

21. Jamie Chung (“Big Hero 6”) as Megumi, receptionist at advertising agency and Eva’s friend

** I prefer Brenda Song. **

22. Christopher Gorham (“Justice League: War”) as Scott, Gieon’s secretary

** Works for me**

So, there you have it and my two cents. Don’t you feel rich now?


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My Words on a Few Shades

Howdy all!

I have crossed the line and bought three new books. Yes… Fifty Shades of Grey by E L James. Now, it has a reputation for being Erotic, and BDSM and all that, plus the romance of the story line.


Okay, if you want “deeper” (no pun intended – kinda) erotic novelizations  no, you don’t need to purchase more books, or use a library card. (Pretty sure there isn’t a section in a public library for eroticism…) Just peruse the web. The stuff in E L James’ book isn’t bad. And the BDSM is kinda minor-ish. But, to be completely honest, I like the books cause its more a “Beauty and the Beast” kinda story. The “Hero” of the story is a man who has lost his touch with humanity, thinks very little of himself, and can’t see the forest for the trees. The “Heroine”, Falls fast and hard for the Hero and eventually helps him find his humanity.

I really like these books (though the writing has some issues… The story is good, the writing, eh… not so much.) For instance, the Heroine, she seems to start a LOT of conversations with “Can I ask you something?” And she says that A LOT. Oh, and she is a bit of a nag. One of those kinda people that continues to push the same conversation no matter how many times the subject/conversation about the subject, has been dropped or finished.

Now, so that you know how much I do like it… Yes, made a picture.

50 shades

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