Used and Abused

So…. I have gone silent for awhile and now that things have been settled I can let you all in on what has been going on.

As many of you may know, I have been living with two roommates for the last 3 years. They are “nice” girls whom, well, one I have known nearly my whole life. And, the relationship has not always been good.

We lost touch shortly after graduating from high school, but picked up our friendship again a few years later. Then I got engaged and asked her to be my Bride’s Maid, and she agreed. She was also at the time working in some sort of catering/party planning thing and said she would help me with everything I needed to do. About a month later she stopped answering my calls, never return a call and eventually sent me a card in the mail saying “it was too much for her”. And I didn’t hear from her again.

Three years ago, my life was changing again as my then current roommate (and wonderful friend) had decided to move in with her son and his family and sell her house. So, I sent out a call via Facebook to find a new place to live.

My call was answered by my ex-Bride’s Maid’s girlfriend. They had a room. Free internet. I would pay $150 a month plus my groceries. So, I moved to Dayton, Ohio and moved in with them.

I was not told that they drank constantly, or smoked heavily. I was not told that they held “get-togethers” all night and well, well into the following morning. (I go to work at 4am, so that was not appreciated.) But, I dealt with it, bought a sleep mask and some ear plugs and went on with life.

Then, as time went on, rent increased for various reasons:

  • $25 a month for half the storage facility they rented to put their stuff in since I was now using the room they had stored it in
  • $5 a month for toilet paper
  • $30 a month because the water increased
  • $30 a month for rides to work (after I totaled my car)
  • Increase car rides to $40 a month for an unknown reason.
  • Additional $5 a month in toilet paper  because the cost went up.

In the end, I was paying $360 a month for ONE room, no access to the kitchen (unless I wanted to clean EVERYTHING IN IT and not a single place to sit in the living room. Not to mention the fact that NONE of my stuff was allowed in any room besides my bedroom.

Then came the kicker.

I was paying $400 a month, $40 of it going to rides to work. Then, one day, for no reason what-so-ever, I was told, “We wont be driving you to work anymore.” Okay, fine. But then, they decided to continue to keep the $40.

When I asked for my change, the answer I was given was “I spoke to my financial adviser and she said that since you are using one bedroom and we are sharing the other one (they had married since I moved in, so duh! Yeah they are sharing a bedroom!) that I should be paying half the rent. Plus, toilet paper has gotten expensive and I should be grateful I have it to use.”

Yes, they wanted to charge me ANOTHER $5 a month for toilet paper.

But, besides that, let’s get back to me paying for half the rent. What is the rent you ask? Good question! $480 a month. That’s right. $480 a month and I am paying $400 for a room.

So, I was done.

I made arrangements to move, got another apartment, a studio right next to theirs, and had hoped to be moved out before they expected rent. But I didn’t get moved fast enough. One day, a couple days after they expected rent, I was cornered at my bedroom door and the one girl wanted to know what was going on.

In the end, she was upset I was leaving. So upset that they had the keys changed, because they thought I would take their stuff. (I didn’t, but have been accused in the past of taking stuff they found were missing. Not that stuff I LOANED THEM was ever returned to me!) Also, when I did move out, they wouldn’t  let me have my computer printer. They also cut me off of the internet service I paid for IN ADVANCE. That’s right, I paid, in cash, for a year of internet and now I have no access because “I left in the rears” and because I “moved out before the end of the contract”.

What the fuck ever.

I can always buy another printer and I can access the internet practically anywhere. (This post is kinda proof of that…)

I heard that they told the landlord they wont be able to make rent this month, if that isn’t funny as hell, I don’t know what is!

I will say that there were additional factors that pushed me to move:

  • They each bought a brand new pair of Asics sneakers (approx. $100 a pair) when I struggled to have enough cash to eat that week.
  • I came downstairs one day and found the living room practically empty and thought THEY were moving out, leaving me with nothing but a rent I couldn’t afford.
  • I found out through friends that my roommates had a garage sale, and didn’t say a word to me. Not even to ask if I wanted to sell anything.

The best part, though, was when the one girl and I spoke she kept saying “All you had to do was communicate with us.”

When I told her I didn’t appreciate her taking what wasn’t hers (explaining that was the $40 a month for rides, which they were no longer providing) she said, “You didn’t have any problem paying it before.”

I said, “I was paying for a service! You stopped providing that service! I need that $40 to pay someone else now!”

Her response? “All you had to do was communicate with us.”

Well, No, actually. I don’t. Not anymore. I gave and gave. I stood by while having to listen to “funny” anti-semantic jokes from someone who thinks she is funny. (She isn’t.) I dealt with a 44 year old woman who is an alcoholic and who throws temper tantrums. I dealt with an apartment smelling of BO and used alcohol, unfair rent increases, loud music, accusations of me stealing/taking things, loaning out money and items and not having them returned and a plethora of other things that are truly too gross to write about. So, no. I am done.

People walk in and out of my life all the time and when someone has done me wrong, well, they are erasable. I can carry on as if you don’t exist. And so, with this post, this is the last thing I will write about and think about that deals with them.

Moving on.


Ohhhhh Donald!

I have been DYING to write this one!

You once said, “I know words. I have the best words.” Video Here.

You are wrong.

You don’t know the best words. A man from an Ivy League school should be able to speak about any subject without using the term “very” as often as you do.

You could use so many different words instead of the word “very”; truly, exceedingly, mere, bare, utter, selfsame, absolute,special, particular, etc.

Hell! Just ask your speech writers! That’s what you pay them for… oh yeah… you ignore them. Well, that’s your dollar…

Anyways! I had a point… Oh yes!

You do NOT have the best words!

That, sir, would be Merriam-Webster. As in Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary. (Or, since you believe everything on the internet before you believe anything else: http://www.merriam-webster.com/.)

That has the best words.

I like the dictionary. As a matter-of-fact, I am going to use it to prove who and what you are. Enjoy!


noun ter·ror·ism \ˈter-ər-ˌi-zəm\

Legal Definition of terrorism

  1. :  the unlawful use or threat of violence especially against the state or the public as a politically motivated means of attack or coercion


noun big·ot \ˈbi-gət\

Full Definition of bigot

  1. :  a person who is obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices; especially

  2. :  one who regards or treats the members of a group (as a racial or ethnic group) with hatred and intolerance


noun fas·cism \ˈfa-ˌshi-zəm also ˈfa-ˌsi-\

Full Definition of fascism

  1. often capitalized :  a political philosophy, movement, or regime (as that of the Fascisti) that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition

  2. a tendency toward or actual exercise of strong autocratic or dictatorial control <early instances of army fascism and brutality — J. W. Aldridge>


adjective ego·cen·tric \ˌē-gō-ˈsen-trik also ˌe-\

Full Definition of egocentric

  1. concerned with the individual rather than society

  2.  taking the ego as the starting point in philosophy

  3. a :  limited in outlook or concern to one’s own activities or needs

    b :  self-centered, selfish


adjective con·ceit·ed \-ˈsē-təd\

Full Definition of conceited

  1.  ingeniously contrived :  fanciful

  2.  having or showing an excessively high opinion of oneself


noun hyp·o·crite \ˈhi-pə-ˌkrit\

Full Definition of hypocrite

  1. a person who puts on a false appearance of virtue or religion

  2. a person who acts in contradiction to his or her stated beliefs or feelings


noun li·ar \ˈlī(-ə)r\

Full Definition of liar

  1. :  a person who tells lies


noun mytho·ma·nia \ˌmi-thə-ˈmā-nē-ə, -nyə\

Definition of mythomania

  1. :  an excessive or abnormal propensity for lying and exaggerating



transitive verb slan·der \ˈslan-dər\

Simple Definition of slander

  1. : to make a false spoken statement that causes people to have a bad opinion of someone


noun bul·ly \ˈbu̇-lē, ˈbə-\

Simple Definition of bully

  1. : to frighten, hurt, or threaten (a smaller or weaker person) : to act like a bully toward (someone)

  2. : to cause (someone) to do something by making threats or insults or by using force


adjective ar·ro·gant \ˈer-ə-gənt, ˈa-rə-\

Simple Definition of arrogant

  1. : having or showing the insulting attitude of people who believe that they are better, smarter, or more important than other people : having or showing arrogance


noun blow·hard \-ˌhärd\

Simple Definition of blowhard

  1. : a person who talks too much and who has strong opinions that other people dislike


noun brag·gart \ˈbra-gərt\

Full Definition of braggart

  1. :  a loud arrogant boaster


noun wind·bag \ˈwin(d)-ˌbag\

Simple Definition of windbag

  1. : a person who talks too much


adjective pomp·ous \ˈpäm-pəs\

Full Definition of pompous

  1.  excessively elevated or ornate <pompous rhetoric>

  2.  having or exhibiting self-importance :  arrogant <a pompous politician>

  3.  relating to or suggestive of pomp or splendor :  magnificent


adjective bom·bas·tic \bäm-ˈbas-tik\

Definition of bombastic

  1. :  marked by or given to bombast :  pompous, overblown


noun ass·hole \ˈas-ˌ(h)ōl\

Definition of asshole

  1. usually vulgar:  anus

  2. usually vulgar:  a stupid, incompetent, or detestable person

  3. usually vulgar:  the worst place —used in phrases like asshole of the world


All words and their definitions came from the wonderful http://www.merriam-webster.com/

Donald Trump says he wants to “suspend immigration from areas of the world where there is a proven history of terrorism.”

So, why is is he wrong?


Oh…. so many reasons.


For now, let’s begin with a history of known terrorists and terrorist groups from/in the United States.


Abu Sulayman al-Irlandi

Born as: John Phillip Walker Lindh

Born in: Washington, D.C.

Abu Sulayman al-Irlandi (John Phillip Walker Lindh) is a U.S. citizen who was captured as an enemy combatant during the United States’ 2001 invasion of Afghanistan in November 2001. He was captured and detained at Qala-i-Jangi fortress, used as a prison. He took part in the Battle of Qala-i-Jangi, a violent uprising of the Taliban prisoners, during which the CIA officer Johnny “Mike” Spann was killed, together with all but 86 of the estimated 300–500 prisoners. Brought to trial in United States federal court in February 2002, Lindh accepted a plea bargain; he pleaded guilty to two charges and was sentenced to 20 years in prison without parole. Source.


Omar Hammami

Born in: Alabama, U.S.

Al-Shabaab, the group behind the Kenya mall attack, has a history of recruiting American terrorists. Born in Alabama to a Southern Baptist mother and a Sunni Muslim from Syria, Hammami joined the Somali militant group in 2006. Hammami was known as Abu Mansoor al-Amriki, or “the American,” and was known for rapping about jihad in popular YouTube videos. He was reportedly killed by al-Shabaab just two weeks ago after a falling out with the group’s leadership, but his death has not been confirmed, according to the Guardian.


Jehad Serwan Mostafa

Born in: Waukesha, Wisconsin

Mostafa was raised in California and was active at his San Diego mosque before joining al-Shabaab, according to NBC San Diego. He is accused of providing material support to al-Shabaab and fighting with a terrorist group. Mostafa is believed to be in Somalia, and could face up to 15 years in prison if caught.


Anwar al-Awlaki

Born in: Las Cruces, New Mexico

Born in New Mexico, al-Awlaki grew up in Yemen but returned to the U.S. for college and graduate school. He then practiced as an imam in California and Virginia, where he interacted with three of the 9/11 hijackers. He also allegedly communicated with Major Nidal Hasan before the Fort Hood shooting that killed 13 soldiers, and is suspected of engineering the failed plot to bring down a jetliner over Detroit. He was killed by a CIA drone in Yemen on Sept. 30, 2011.


Adam Gadahn

Born in: Oregon

A Muslim with Jewish grandparents, Gadahn was born in California and moved to Pakistan in 1998, CNNreports. He began appearing in al-Qaeda videos in 2004, and subsequently released many videos praising the 9/11 attackers, renouncing his American citizenship, and asking wealthy Muslims to sponsor killings like the murder of America’s top diplomat in Libya, Chris Stevens. He served as Osama bin Laden’s media adviser and spokesman.


David Coleman Headley

Born as: Daood Sayed Gilani

Born in: Washington, D.C.

A native Chicagoan, Headley is currently serving 35 years in prison for helping to plan the deadly 2008 terrorist attacks in Mumbai. Headley had attended training camps for Lashkar-e-Taiba, the Pakistani militant group behind the attacks, and helped scout locations for the shootings and bombings, according to the New York Times.  He also participated in a failed plot against a Danish newspaper that published cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed.


Eric Robert Rudolph

Born in: Merritt Island, Florida

Eric Robert Rudolph is an American, and a former explosives expert for the United States Army who was convicted for a series of anti-abortion and anti-gay-motivated bombings across the southern United States including the Centennial Olympic Park bombing, between 1996 and 1998, which killed two people and injured over 120 others.former explosives expert for the United States Army. Two people died, and 111 were injured.

Described by US Attorney General Alberto Gonzales as a terrorist, he spent five years on the FBI Ten Most Wanted Fugitives list until he was caught in 2003. In 2005, as part of a plea bargain, Rudolph pleaded guilty to numerous federal and state homicide charges and accepted four consecutive life sentences in exchange for avoiding a trial and a potential death sentence. He remains incarcerated at the ADX Florence Supermax prison in Florence, Colorado.


John J. (“J.J.”) and James B. (“J.B.”) McNamara

Born in: Exact Location Unknown (Presumably U.S.)

The Los Angeles Times bombing was the purposeful dynamiting of the Los Angeles Times building in Los Angeles, California, on October 1, 1910 by union member(s) belonging to the International Association of Bridge and Structural Iron Workers. The explosion started a fire which killed 21 newspaper employees and injured 100 more. It was termed the “crime of the century” by the Times. Brothers John J. (“J.J.”) and James B. (“J.B.”) McNamara were arrested in April 1911 for the bombing. Their trial became a cause célèbre for the American labor movement. J.B. admitted to setting the explosive, and was convicted and sentenced to life in prison. J.J. was sentenced to 15 years in prison for bombing a local iron manufacturing plant, and returned to the Iron Workers union as an organizer. Source.


Theodore Kaczynski

Born in: Evergreen Park, Illinois

From 1978 to 1995, Harvard University graduate and former mathematics professor Theodore “Ted” Kaczynski – known by the codename “UNABOM” until his identification and arrest by the FBI – carried out a campaign of sending letterbombs to academics and various individuals particularly associated with modern technology. In 1996, his manifesto was published in The New York Times and The Washington Post, under the threat of more attacks. The bomb campaign ended with his capture.


Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols

Born in: Lockport, New York / Lapeer, Michigan

Oklahoma City bombing: This truck bomb attack by Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols killed 168 people on April 19, 1995 – the deadliest domestic-based terrorist attack in the history of the United States. It inspired improvements to United States federal building security.


Wade Michael Page

Born in: Loveland, Colorado

On August 5, 2012, a massacre took place at the Sikh temple in Oak Creek, Wisconsin, where 40-year-old Wade Michael Page fatally shot six people and wounded four others. Page committed suicide by shooting himself in the head after he was shot in the stomach by a responding police officer.


Dylann Roof

Born in: Columbia, South Carolina

Charleston church shooting: During a prayer service at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church, Roof is alleged to have killed nine African Americans, including senior pastor and state senator Clementa C. Pinckney, and injured one other person. After several people identified Roof as the main suspect, he became the center of a manhunt that ended the morning after the shooting with his arrest in Shelby, North Carolina. He later confessed that he committed the shooting in hopes of igniting a race war. Source.


Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik

Born in: Chicago, Illinois / Karor Lal Esan, Pakistan
San Bernardino attack: On December 2, 2015, 14 people were killed and 22 injured in a mass shooting at the Inland Regional Center in San Bernardino, California, United States. Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik, a married couple, targeted a San Bernardino County Department of Public Health training event and holiday party of about 80 employees in a rented banquet room. Farook was an American-born citizen of Pakistani descent, while his wife was a Pakistani-born legal resident of the U.S. He had attended the event as an employee before the shooting.


The Jewish Defense League

Based Out Of / Headquarters:  New York City, Los Angeles

The Jewish Defense League (JDL) was founded in 1969 by Rabbi Meir Kahane in New York City. FBI statistics show that, from 1980 to 1985, 15 terrorist attacks were attempted in the U.S. by JDL members. The FBI’s Mary Doran described the JDL in 2004 Congressional testimony as “a proscribed terrorist group”. The National Consortium for the Study of Terror and Responses to Terrorism states that, during the JDL’s first two decades of activity, it was an “active terrorist organization.” Kahane later founded the far right Israeli political party Kach.


Ku Klux Klan

Based Out Of / Headquarters: Exact Location Unknown (Southern U.S.)

During reconstruction at the end of the civil war the original KKK used domestic terroristic methods against the Federal Government and against freed slaves. During the 20th century, leading up to the civil rights movement, unrelated Ku Klux Klan (KKK) groups used threats, violence, arson, and murder to further their anti-Catholic, anti-Communist, anti-semitic, and white-supremacist agenda. Domestic terrorists with agendas similar to the KKK include neo-Nazis and white power skinheads.


United Freedom Front

Based Out Of / Headquarters: Exact Location Unknown (Northeastern U.S.)

The United Freedom Front (UFF) was a small American Marxist organization active in the 1970s and 1980s. It was originally called the Sam Melville/Jonathan Jackson Unit, and its members became known as the Ohio 7 when they were brought to trial. Between 1975 and 1984 the UFF carried out at least 20 bombings and nine bank robberies in the northeastern United States, targeting corporate buildings, courthouses, and military facilities. Brent L. Smith describes them as “undoubtedly the most successful of the leftist terrorists of the 1970s and 1980s.” The group’s members were eventually apprehended and convicted of conspiracy, murder, attempted murder, and other charges.


The Mountain Meadows Massacre

(Utah Territorial Militia from the Iron County district & Paiute Native Americans)

Based Out Of / Headquarters: Utah

The Mountain Meadows massacre was a series of attacks on the Baker–Fancher emigrant wagon train, at Mountain Meadows in southern Utah. The attacks began on September 7 and culminated on September 11, 1857, resulting in the mass slaughter of the emigrant party by members of the Utah Territorial Militia from the Iron County district, together with some Paiute Native Americans. Intending to leave no witnesses and thus prevent reprisals, the perpetrators killed all the adults and older children—about 120 men, women, and children in total. Seventeen children, all younger than seven, were spared.

Politicians lie.

That is a solid truth.

It is a truth that everyone knows. A truth that we hope isn’t always true, but, yeah, it is.

Does Trump lie?

Hell yeah!

When a politician lies, many things come into play:

  • They hope no one finds out.
  • They hope no one can prove the truth.
  • They hope to be out of office before the truth comes out.
  • They hope they can buy off enough people in the know to keep the truth from coming out.

Trump… When Trump lies, or says things that should never be said, he lies to cover up what he said or did. Or, in some cases, didn’t do.

Here are a few examples:

McCain, the War Hero

In July, 2015,  Trump said, “He’s not a war hero … He was a war hero because he was captured. I like people who weren’t captured.”

In March, 2016, a man in a rally in Ohio said to Trump, “I come here because you made a comment to John McCain that you don’t think that captured soldiers are heroes—”

Trump interjected, “oh no no no I was, I never did that—”

The man went back to explaining. “What I want you to do, is just clarify that for me because I think it’s important for all these people here, and for a lot of veterans in Ohio—especially Ohio—and I know what you were doing—”

Trump interjected, “you know exactly when I was doing. But they are heroes, just so you understand, they are real heroes.” Source.

U.S. District Judge Gonzalo Curiel

In May, 2016, Trump said, “I have a judge who is a hater of Donald Trump. A hater. He’s a hater. His name is Gonzalo Curiel… The judge – who happens to be, we believe, Mexican, which is great. I think that’s fine. You know what? I think the Mexicans are going to end up loving Donald Trump when I give all these jobs…”

In June, 2016, Trump issued a statement that said basically “It is unfortunate that my comments have been misconstrued as a categorical attack against people of Mexican heritage…”

**For the record: U.S. District Judge Gonzalo Curiel is an American citizen BY BIRTH. His parents were Mexican immigrants (the non-raping, non-murdering kind) who became American citizens, like the majority of our (American citizens’) ancestry. Even Donald’s.

David Duke,  former Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan

In Feb., 2000, Trump said, “Well, you’ve got David Duke just joined — a bigot, a racist, a problem. I mean, this is not exactly the people you want in your party.” Source.

In 2015, Trump had a conversation with Bloomberg’s John Heilemann:

Heilemann: “How do you feel about the David Duke quasi-endorsement?”

Trump: “I don’t need his endorsement; I certainly wouldn’t want his endorsement. I don’t need anyone’s endorsement.”

Heilemann: “Would you repudiate David Duke?”

Trump: “Sure, I would do that, if it made you feel better. I don’t know anything about him. Somebody told me yesterday, whoever he is, he did endorse me. Actually I don’t think it was an endorsement. He said I was absolutely the best of all of the candidates.” Source.

Jobs in America

In February, 2016, Trump said “I will bring jobs back from China. I will bring jobs back from Japan. I will bring jobs back from Mexico,” he said in last week’s Republican debate. “I’m going to bring jobs back and I’ll start bringing them back very fast.” Source.

In May, 2016, Trump was interviewed by George Stephanopoulus about his own clothing line and various products:

Stephanopoulos : “But don’t you have to also lead by example? You know, so many of the products in the Donald J. Trump Collection are made overseas — Bangladesh, China …”

Trump: “Well, that’s because you can’t even buy them here.”

Stephanopoulos : “But if you want other companies to make their products in America, shouldn’t you make your products in America?”

Trump: “But they don’t make a lot of these products. They don’t even make them here anymore.” Source.


I could go on, but you get the picture.

Become informed. Don’t be a lemming.

Transgender bathrooms vs. Non-Transgender Bathrooms

The stupidest argument in the world.

Want to make it non-arguable? It’s very simple. Amazingly simple.

But first, ask yourself this: which do you have in your home? A male only bathroom or a female only bathroom?


In public, male gendered bathrooms have urinals. Why? So they can stand next to a stranger (or friend), whip out their “utensil” and compare size? Or so they can stand there, “utensil” in hand, and pretend that the guy next to him isn’t watching him?

Men are raised knowing how to use a commode for both duties. Granted, men are not trained well on replacing the seat to it’s proper position. That they can learn to do. Hopefully.

So, what should we do? Make ALL restrooms unisex. Get rid of the urinal. Put stalls in ALL restrooms.

See? Simple.

Yes, this is another rant against Trump.

In case you have lost track, here is who Trump is against:

  1. Muslims (but only the poor ones.)
  2. Mexicans
  3. Women
  4. Jews
  5. Immigrants
  6. Gays
  7. Asians
  8. Europe
  9. Anyone that says he is wrong

Kinda a short list, but don’t worry. It will get longer.

The pledge, the brain child of Reince Priebus, came to pass in way to curb Donald Trump from possibly stealing GOP votes by running independent should he not win the nomination.

Why doesn’t it matter if he keeps his word and follows through on a written promise?

Because there isn’t a reason to.

Donald Trump is running for the highest political office in the land. If he loses the nomination, he will simply pack up and go back to his office.

His nonpolitical office.

His nonpolitical, Master Of All He Sees, office where if you breath the wrong way “You’re Fired.”

He has no hand in making foreign or domestic rules, laws or any such thing. He won’t have to support anyone because he has ZERO power in the political realm.

Also, why should he support the GOP? After all, he’s only been a member since 2012.

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