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It always comes down to the American dollar, doesn’t it?

Hell! My theory as to why Trump even ran for President was so he could get his face on a dollar bill. (I guess no one told him he would have to be dead just to be in the running for the honor…)

Ego aside…

Trump was going to cut costs, make deals and save the American citizens money when he took office. Not to mention bringing jobs back. So, let’s start with jobs first, shall we?

Trump has taken claim for persuading companies to keep businesses in the US and to bring/create/keep jobs for Americans.

Notice I say he’s “taken claim”?

Intel – 10,000 jobs

 Intel previously announced the $5 billion investment in the Arizona chip factory with former President Barack Obama in 2011.

GM – 7000 jobs

GM plans to shift 450 jobs from supplier plants in Mexico back to the U.S., and has pledged to protect 1,500 factory jobs that were previously at risk of leaving the country. GM is also adding 5,000 jobs to its finance and technology operations.

Walmart – 10,000 retail jobs / 24,000 temporary construction jobs

Walmart will add 10,000 jobs by expanding, renovating or relocating 59 Walmart and Sam’s Club stores. It’s also expanding online services. In addition, the project will create 24,000 temporary construction jobs. The problem here is that the construction jobs are temporary and the retail jobs are not full time.

Lockhead Martin – 1,800 jobs

Lockheed has every reason to charm Trump: It is the largest U.S. government contractor, according to the most recent most recent data. But these new jobs would have been added with or without him. The positions announced are linked to production increases that have been in motion for years, a Lockheed spokesman told CNNMoney. Lockheed plans to deliver 150 jets in 2019, compared with 36 aircraft in 2014.

Amazon – 100,000 jobs

Amazon would probably add tens of thousands of jobs regardless of who is president. The e-commerce company is growing rapidly, and Amazon adds fulfillment centers each year to expand its shipping operations. Trump is taking the claim despite the repeated attacks on the company and saying that they are “getting away with murder tax-wise.”

Alibaba – 1 million jobs

Alibaba’s pledge to help create 1 million jobs in the U.S. is vague and misleading. Ma is not going to build factories. He is not planning to set up Alibaba operations centers that would employ tech-savvy Americans. And he is not touting a big investment. What he is touting is trade; exporting American made products into China.

Fiat Chrysler – 2,000 jobs

In a 2015 deal with the United Auto Workers union, the company committed to investing $5.3 billion in American plants to open up additional union jobs. 

Ford – 700 jobs

Instead of building a new plant in Mexico (Reportedly $1 Billion) they are investing $700 million in Ford’s Flat Rock, Michigan. The plant will allow the company to ramp up production of electric and self-driving cars.

Carrier – 800 jobs

Trump boasted this as his first win, saving 1,100 jobs. Carrier says the agreement really saved 800 jobs — not 1,100 — from moving to Mexico. The company confirmed to CNNMoney that it never planned to move 300 administrative and engineering positions from Indianapolis. However, Carrier will receive $7 million in financial incentives from the state of Indiana over the next 10 years — a fraction of what Carrier expected to save if it moved the jobs to Mexico.


Those are the jobs Trump “created” or “saved”.

But, those aren’t the only jobs Trump has created.

You see, Trump has nearly 2,000 VACANT positions HE still has to fill and most of those do not require Senate confirmation. According to the data collected by Leadership Directories, the Trump administration currently has about 400 vacant roles that require Senate confirmation, another roughly 400 direct presidential appointments sitting empty that don’t require confirmation, and about 1,200 Schedule C vacancies that similarly do not require Senate approval.

The State Department, an integral part to our outreach to the world, usually has a staff of 70,000+ world wide. Normally it is headed by the Secretary of State, his appointed Deputy and other State appointees. (Appointed by the Secretary of State and NOT the President.) However, though Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has tried to make some appointments, he has been shot down repeatedly by Trump. But while senior State appointees have yet to be appointed, other staff has been showing up. The Office of Policy Planning is now filled not just with Ph.D.s, as it once was, but with fresh college graduates and a malpractice attorney from New Jersey whose sole foreign-policy credential seems to be that she was born in Hungary. Tillerson’s chief of staff is not his own, but is, according to the Washington Post, a Trump transition alum named Margaret Peterlin. Rumor has it that Peterlin has instructed staff that all communications with Tillerson have to go through her, and even scolded someone for answering a question Tillerson asked directly, in a meeting.

So, it looks like Trump has to fix his house first. The White House cannot work with a skeleton crew no matter how large the ego is in the Oval Office.

Now, onto money.

Money money money.

No, not the song.

I’m talking the Almighty American Dollar.

When President Obama was in office, there was a handy-dandy little book written called “The $1.4 Billion Dollar Man: Costs of the Obama White House.” In this book, the White House expenditures were listed in a concise, convenient list:

• President’s salary and allowance: $450,000
• White House building operating expenses: $14,658,000
• White House Grounds: $6,057,000
• Vacations: $20,000,000
• Health care for the first family, including traveling medical staff and equipment: $7,000,000
• Campaign expenses not reimbursed to government: $311,000,000
• White House staff: $7,985,420
• Office of Administration budget: $14,481,000
• Special missions including White House Communications Agency: $161,252,000
• Military salary costs: $153,441,360
• Salary costs for presidential airlift squadron: $75,000,000
• Presidential plane fleet: $44,000,000
• Presidential helicopter fleet: $300,000,000
• Ground transportation: $2,200,000
• Transportation total: $346,200,000
• Secret Service: $259,152,884

Now, we know that Trump will surpass $1.4 Billion before he gets halfway through his first six months. How do we know this? Obama had only one White House, Trump has three; The White House, Trump Tower and the “Winter White House” aka the “Weekend White House”.

A weekend in Mar-a-Lago is costing the American taxpayers just over $3 million dollars. That is only for a weekend. That is a cost of $156,000,000 ($156 Million) a year. Note that Obama’s vacations cost a total of $20 Million a year. Also note that we don’t know when/if/where Trump will vacation at. (Probably Russia…)

Security is a major expense when it comes to the President. Obama’s security was 1/3 what Trump’s is simply because, again, he only had one White House. There are no numbers for the cost of security provided for Trump Tower besides those of the NYPD, but those numbers are staggering enough. According to most accounts, the NYPD spends approximately $25 Million a month to protect the tower. If the First Lady and Barron stay there the whole year, that is an additional $300 Million per year.

So, by adding two White Houses to his presidency, Trump has increased his expenditures of the White House budget by $456 Million.

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